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When creating and nurturing a brand, there are different starting points. Where to start will depend on where you are now in relation to your brand and your vision for the future.



Are you ready to begin?

Three paths to create and nurture your brand



1 / Brand Essence

Your brand’s soul

Includes online sessions, moodboards and essence guide.

As a team, we will work for a month to find your brand’s unique personality, soul and voice. This is the ideal path for clients who are just starting their brand or for those looking to rebrand or reinvent. It doesn’t matter what stage you are in, this path is perfect to know for certain what makes your brand unique.

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2 / Brand Universe

Building your visual story

Includes visual identity beyond logo design.

This path is focused on creating a visual identity that communicates coherently with your audience. The visual elements of the brand will be created or rebranded according to the brand story, personality and colors in order to tell a story that connect with the audience. We will create a strategy that builds a connection, establishes trust and inspires your customers.



3 / Let's go Social

Social media coherence

Colors, photography style and content.

This path is focused on communicating with visual coherence. Most of the time clients are clear on the essence of the brand but are not very good at communicating this on social media. Together we will draft a basic guide that works as a compass along the way. This path is for all clients who want to develop a social media strategy that reflects the brand’s personality, especially for clients who manage their social feed, community managers and passionate socials.


It was an amazing experience and I’m sure it will strongly improve my personal brand. Thank you so much for pouring your heart into the workshop, working heads on and sharing your knowledge with me



Brand Vision


A 6 session workshop to help you create brands that are out of this world >

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